Miranda Lambert Mourns Death of Her Dog Thelma in Moving Tribute

Miranda Lambert‘s late dog Thelma has left a paw print on her heart.

The “Tin Man” singer, 39, announced her beloved pet’s passing in a heartbreaking tribute on Instagram.

“May 1, 2016 I adopted 2 beautiful Great Pyrenees named Thelma and Louise to watch over one of my happiest places on earth. My farm outside of Nashville,” Miranda wrote in a July 25 Instagram post. “The Kitties, chickens and mini horses needed to be looked after and these 2 girls have done that since the day we brought them home. They rode on my bus all the way from Dallas to Nashville and on that 10 hour drive I fell in love with them. Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our sweet Thelma.” 

The Grammy winner noted that her canine companion lived a good life.

“She spent her days lounging in the barn and her nights keeping watch over all of us,” she continued. “She lived the last 8 years with no fences, just freedom to do what she did best. Love and protect. I loved her with all my heart.”

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