Miranda Cosgrove Reveals Why She Doesn’t Drink or Smoke

Miranda Cosgrove actually does cuss a little—but she doesn’t drink much.

“I’ve never been drunk in my entire life,” the iCarly alum confessed on a recent episode of the Good Guys podcast. “I truly don’t have a good reason. I’ve never even been buzzed. I’ve sipped things before but, like, two sips.”

Cosgrove admitted to her former onscreen stepbrother Josh Peck that she’s never smoked weed, either, but has tried cannabis before.

“I had an edible, like, an edible brownie,” she revealed. “And I fell asleep for 17 hours. I woke up super rested.”

When Peck asked if she experienced peer pressure growing up in Hollywood, she explained why she never fell down that path.

“I think it started off because I was always the designated driver when I went out with my friends,” Cosgrove explained. “I sort of liked taking on that role, and got used to it, and just kind of stuck with it forever.”

However, she clarified, “I’m still planning on it at some point… even though I’m 30.”

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