Microsoft Snaps Up ‘Pokémon-With-Guns’ Game Palworld for Game Pass, Release Date Confirmed

Palworld, the hotly anticipated monster-collecting RPG dubbed “Pokémon with guns”, finally has a release date as well as confirmation it’s coming to Game Pass.

In Palworld, players can capture over 100 “Pals”, fight bosses, and build bases. You use your Pals to do tasks for you so you can automate entire production lines. There’s open-world survival and crafting gameplay in there, too, for up to 32 players.

Palworld, developed by Craftopia maker Pocketpair, launches on Friday, January 19 on PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One in early access form. According to its new trailer, Palworld is coming to Game Pass day-and-date across Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Palworld was originally revealed in a trailer in 2022, and immediately caught people’s attention with its familiar but very different take on a monster collecting game. Pocketpair said it expects Palworld to remain in early access for at least a year as it adds to the game and makes improvements.

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