Masked Singer Reveals a Teen Heartthrob Behind the Hawk Costume

The Masked Singer‘s latest shocking reveal is sure to have you howling.

On the singing competition series’ Oct. 25 episode, Hawk received the least amount of votes and was sent home. Prior to his elimination, the mystery celebrity gave the viewers and judges a very personal clue about his identity.

“Not too long ago, someone close to me lost her battle with cancer,” Hawk shared. “She was my support system and my best friend. After she passed, nothing seemed to matter. I sunk into a deep well of loneliness and depression. I realized she wouldn’t want me to live my life this way, so I finally opened up about my feelings and got help.”

Despite the devastating loss, Hawk shared words of hope for those going through similar tragedies.

“I’ve learned that, while the pain will never go away, it lessens,” he continued. “And now I hope to inspire others that no matter how hard things may get, there’s always a way to find the light again.”

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