MarJon Beauchamp says Dame & Giannis are giving him extreme confidence

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Milwaukee Bucks sophomore MarJon Beauchamp spoke about the confidence he’s receiving from star teammates Damian Lillard & Giannis Antetokounmpo after Friday’s 110-105 home win vs. the New York Knicks (13 points/2 rebounds/2 assists/5-7 FG/3-5 3-PT).

(via Milwaukee Bucks):

Reporter: “To put those points up in key spots tonight, what did that mean?”

Beauchamp: “It’s just the work and it’s the confidence. Just building off of the extra hours I’m putting in every day. Dame told me, ‘You just gotta believe. You gotta believe in it, like yourself.’ So it’s just confidence, really. I’m just trying to keep that rolling and keep the same thing going.”

Reporter: “Giannis’ assists on those two corner 3s back-to-back possessions, just the trust he has in you, what does that mean?”

Beauchamp: “It means everything. He told me when I go in, I just gotta make things happen. Those are big 3s I hit right there, and just to have his trust, that’s going to keep building I feel like. I want to be out there with him, have his trust, and just win. Just try to help win with the team and stuff.”

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