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Swansea City’s quest for a new manager has led them to consider Manchester United coach Eric Ramsey, among other candidates.

The Championship club is on the lookout for a replacement for Michael Duff, aiming to rejuvenate their playing style, which has been a subject of criticism under the current management.

This pursuit for a new leader has linked them with several notable names, including Tottenham Hotspur’s senior assistant coach Chris Davies, who was recently the subject of a rejected approach.

According to BBC Sport Wales, Swansea’s desire to adopt a more attractive style of play is a key factor in their selection process.

This approach, rooted in the club’s philosophy since Roberto Martinez’s tenure, places emphasis on possession-based football.

The club’s leadership, including Chairman Trevor Coleman and Sporting Director Paul Watson, are keen on a candidate who aligns with this vision.

United’s Eric Ramsey has emerged as a potential candidate, illustrating the breadth of Swansea’s search. Ramsey noted for his coaching acumen, represents a youthful and potentially innovative choice, although concerns about his experience might influence Swansea’s final decision.

The inclusion of Ramsey in the list of potential candidates underscores the club’s commitment to exploring diverse and promising coaching talents in their managerial hunt.

Swansea’s managerial search is not confined to the UK; the club is also considering options from abroad, highlighting their thorough approach to finding the right match for their footballing ambitions.

It reflects their dedication to not only achieving success but also adhering to a style of play that resonates with their fans and the club’s historical identity.

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