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Manchester United have backed plans to regenerate land around Old Trafford.

The BBC reports that the club has called the plans “tremendously exciting”.

The lack of development and funding for work around the Theatre of Dreams has stood in contrast to cross-city rivals, Manchester City, who have carried out extensive work around their stadium in recent years.

In 2011 Manchester city council approved “the Eastlands Regeneration Framework, which was developed to guide a wide range of actions and activities emerging at the Etihad Campus”.

As a result, many Red Devils have felt envious of the development around the Etihad, and the news that United back plans to improve the area around their own stadium will surely be met with delight.

According to the report, “Trafford Council’s 15-year draft masterplan includes proposals to redevelop sites and create 5,000 new homes around Trafford Wharf Road”.

The Manchester Ship Canal and the Imperial War Museum are in the area included in the scheme.

Chief operating officer at Manchester United Collette Roche said the club backed the “ambitious plans”.

Councillors are set to discuss the Trafford Wharfside Development Framework, as the plans are known before a public consultation must take place on the proposals.

The plans have been drawn up “following talks with major landowners in the area, including the Peel Group, Manchester United and Salford City Council”.

The suggested proposal breaks the Trafford zone into five areas, including the zone in which Old Trafford is situated.

Plans for the wider site include new homes, hotels, and shops, and better connections between Trafford Wharfside and Manchester city centre.

Trafford Councillor Liz Patel said the plan offered a “vision for a hugely important area” and signalled “great change over future years”.

Salford City councillor Mike McCusker said the Trafford Wharfside “goes hand in hand” with the ongoing developments at MediaCity in Salford.

United fans will be hoping that the football club’s desire to back such plans means that they will also be open to improving stadium facilities or even be prepared to build a new stadium on adjacent land next to the stadium in the near future.

Finance expert Kieran Maguire and the chief architect on the feasibility project both agree that only a complete rebuild on the adjacent site will allow the club to generate more income and improve the experience of match-going fans.

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