Lionel Richie Reveals If He’d Do Reality Show With Kids Sofia & Nicole

Lionel Richie is no stranger to the spotlight, but he’s not sure whether he wants it to follow him home. 

After the season 21 finale of American Idol, E! News exclusively got the scoop about whether the All Night Long singer, who is father to Nicole and Sofia Richie, would ever let his family be the center of a new reality show.

“Let me say this to you: Living with my kids has been a reality series that I’ve been trying to forget for a long time,” the 73-year-old quipped in the May 22 episode of E! News. “So, to bring it to the public right now would be something called, post-traumatic syndrome.”

Nicole, 41, is no stranger to reality TV. She starred in The Simple Life alongside Paris Hilton, and then had her own show in 2014, Candidly Nicole, on which Sofia, 24, made occasional appearances.

“You know my kids, they have a journey. They’re used to this thing called ‘all your business, every day out in the street,'” Lionel continued. “I’m a little bit more reserved, so I’ll let them do their thing and Papa Richard can kinda go home and enjoy the fireplace.” (See more from Lionel’s interview on tonight’s episode of E! News.)

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