Liam Payne’s Girlfriend Reveals She Manifested Relationship at Age 10

Liam Payne doesn’t have to worry about anyone stealing his girl… because she’s an O.G. fan!

Kate Cassidy—who has been dating the former One Direction member for a year—gave proof that she’s loved the boy bander since she was a pre-teen.

“I am the best manifester, and I’m going to show you why,” she said in a Nov. 13 TikTok video. “I drew this when I was 10 years old.” 

Kate held up a popsicle stick with a drawing of a brunette man in a white shirt and jeans, labeled “Liam.”

“It’s a popsicle stick—I don’t know why—of Liam,” she continued, before sharing a glimpse into her life “10 years later.”

Kate then took the camera into the “childhood bedroom where I literally drew this” and showed Liam, chilling on her purple bedspread. The couple laughed and hugged as Kate quipped, “Careful what you wish for.”

The London-based influencer aptly set the video to One Direction’s 2014 hit “Night Changes,” a song about being together for the long haul. “Even when the night changes,” the group sings on the track, “it will never change me and you.”

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