Lauren Graham Reveals Matthew Perry’s Final Birthday Gift to Her

Months before his death, Matthew Perry wanted Lauren Graham to share in one of his joys.

The Gilmore Girls alum, 57, is providing more insight into her longtime friendship with the late Friends star, revealing the last birthday gift he got her in March 2023, seven months before he died at age 54.

Graham said Perry sent her “a pickleball set,” adding, “He’s like really into tennis and pickleball,” per Deadline. The Parenthood alum made her comments onstage at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington D.C. April 5 during a Q&A for her Have I Told You This Already? book tour.

Graham added that Perry included a birthday card that read, “Be older.”

The actor played pickleball four or five days a week and was on the court the morning before he died, according to his friend and mentor, Matt Manasse.

“He fell in love with the sport,” he told NBC News after Perry’s death, “and he really wanted to use it for his recovery.”

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