King Charles III Shares Tearful Reaction to Support Amid Cancer Battle

King Charles III is wearing his heart on his sleeve.

The monarch shared his response to seeing the outpouring of well-wishes from the public amid his battle with cancer

“I’ve had so many wonderful messages and cards,” Charles told U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during their meeting on Feb. 21, as seen in a video shared by Sky News. And he noted this show of support has “reduced me to tears most of the time.”

Adding to the words of encouragement, Sunak reminded the king, “We’re all behind you, the country’s behind you.” 

The pair also highlighted how Charles making his diagnosis public has helped raise awareness for cancer-related organizations.

“I hear there’s been a lot more attention and interest on those main, wonderful cancer charities,” His Majesty shared , “many of which I’ve been patron for years.” 

But amid the heartfelt conversation, they also shared a moment of levity. When Sunak expressed that it was wonderful to see the king “looking so well,” Charles jokingly replied, “it’s all done with mirrors.”

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