Kate Middleton’s Childhood Photo Proves She’s Twins With Prince Louis

Looks run in the Royal family

Kate Middleton shared a throwback Christmas photo to promote her early childhood Shaping Us campaign on Dec. 18—and her followers couldn’t help but note that the Princess looks almost eerily similar to her youngest child, Prince Louis

In the 1983 photo, a 2-year-old Princess of Wales sits at a table in front of a place setting and lit candles as she looks intently toward something out of shot. Baby Kate also wears an adorable collared blue shirt, a cardigan and a colorful beaded necklace. 

The Princess’ followers were quick to see the uncanny resemblance Kate shares with her 5-year-old son in the photo and sounded off in the comments. “I think we can all agree that Louis is the splitting [sic] image of his mother,” one user wrote. “The Middleton gene is visible.”

Another one quipped, “Prince Louis is definitely his mummy 2.0.”

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