Kate Hudson, Francia Raisa and More Stars Reveal Their Go-To Snacks

You know what? Sometimes you really do deserve a little treat

And whether that means indulging in some chocolate (us, always) or digging into a little something salty (also us), cravings simply aren’t meant to be ignored. But there are those other times when you’re definitely hungry for something but just have no idea what’s going to satisfy and get you over that in-between-lunch-and-dinner hump. 

Well, not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear, you know, jeans and a tee or whatever and happen to chat with celebrities about their favorite eats. You’re welcome. Because we asked our favorite stars to answer the real hard-hitting questions and divulge the snacks that they reach for when they’re looking to stave off the hanger. 

The result: A lot of fruit (Padma Lakshmi prefers her apples with peanut butter; tennis pro Naomi Osaka likes to serve up some berries), many handfuls of nuts (Lauren Conrad eats ’em raw; her Hills pal Whitney Port opts for unsalted) and at least a few bags of Hot Cheetos (we see you, Francia Raisa!). 

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