Kadarius Toney says his latest rant was aimed at New York Giants fans

Just before kickoff of the AFC Championship Game, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney accused the team of lying about his injuries.

Toney had been ruled out due to a lingering hip injury and “personal reasons,” which turned out to be the birth of his daughter. But he took exception to the injury designation and unloaded on the Chiefs in an expletive-laden rant.

“Y’all reading all this cap-(expletive) (expletive)? You didn’t believe it, I don’t give a (expletive),” Toney said on his Instagram live. “Ain’t never been a (expletive) to do all that but man, that (expletive) cap.

“I’m not hurt. None of that (expletive). Save that (expletive). Suck my (expletive), too. I’m not hurt. None of that. It goes from hip to ankle to this to that.”

This was par for the course for Toney, who did something remarkably similar during his time with the New York Giants.

But on Monday, during Super Bowl Media Day, Toney made even more bizarre and unhinged claims, suggesting his own Instagram livestream was “chopped up” and that his intention was never to bash the Chiefs.

Rather, Toney says, the entire thing was aimed at Giants fans.

“It kind of started like that,” Toney said. “In the process of that, I got interrupted so it got like a mixed message behind it, I guess you could say. Then, a lot of footage got chopped up in the release, so it made it like I was attacking doing what I love the most. . . I never attacked the Chiefs, never said anything about the Chiefs. Who I was referring to was the Giants fans and the people in my comment box, not even on my live recording, so you wouldn’t even know they were there. But I was referring to them, which I shouldn’t have. I just wanted to go out there. I just wanted to get my message across as far as my injury, but I shouldn’t have did that at the end of the day.

“I’m a man, and I can accept my mistakes just like I can accept my wins. But I’m just moving past it right now. We’re heading out. We’re just trying to win.”

O… K…

That wasn’t the only wild and inaccurate claim Toney made on Monday. He also suggested he’s a true No. 1 receiver and has the potential to be among the league’s best.

Toney last suited up for the Chiefs in Week 15 when he dropped a pass that hit him right in the hands, leading to a Patrick Mahomes interception. The veteran quarterback fumed and it was the last anyone saw of Toney.

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