Justin Timberlake Thirsts Over This Iconic Jessica Biel Movie Scene

Justin Timberlake knows his wife Jessica Biel is a catch.

In fact, he couldn’t stop the feeling of thirsting over the actress when a fan posted to TikTok a scene from her 2001 movie, Summer Catch. In the clip, Jessica steps out of a pool wearing a pink bikini, with the camera catching an eyeful of her body as she rinses off her hair.

“Once a year I remember this clip of Jessica Biel exists,” one TikToker wrote, paired with an audio that said, “even though I’ve never met her in-person, she’s with me in very weird subliminal ways. I talk to her in my head.”

Justin’s response? “Same,” he wrote in the comments on May 16.

And this isn’t his first time dropping a five-star review for Summer Catch. Last August, Jessica posted the same clip in honor of the movie’s 21st anniversary, joking that she “did my own stunts.”

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