Julie Chen Moonves Confesses to Going Incognito After Plastic Surgery

And as someone whose career is on-air, Julie is no stranger to the ways of the trade.

“I knew part of my bread and butter being in front of the camera was to maintain how I looked,” she continued. “Stay out of the sun, put on sunblock and yes, if I have to, go under the knife.”

So, she did—right after leaving The Talk in 2018, following eight years as a co-host.

“You know how some people, when they get broken up with by a loved one, they get a revenge body?” she noted. “Well, I wanted to get a revenge face. The lower facelift was definitely part of ‘my job’ because I’m expected to look not drastically different from season to season or how people are used to seeing me on TV.”

But Julie isn’t the only celebrity to openly talk about going under the knife. Keep scrolling to see all the stars that admitted to having plastic surgery…

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