Julia Roberts Reveals the Grim Fate of Pretty Woman’s Edward

She walked off the street, into his life, stole his heart—and lived happily ever after. Well, kind of. 

23 years after Pretty Woman premiered, Julia Roberts shared the fate of her prostituted Vivian and Richard Gere‘s businessman Edward. 

“I think he passed away peacefully in his sleep from a heart attack, smiling,” the 56-year-old admitted on the Dec. 12 episode of CBS Mornings. “And now she runs his business.”

That’s not the only character of Julia’s who is riding off into the sunset. As for Runaway Bride‘s Maggie and Ike, also played by Richard? 

“They stay together,” Julia explained. “He doesn’t die in this one.” 

Then there is Notting Hill‘s Anna and William (Hugh Grant), who were last seen married and expecting.

“She’s retired,” Julia mused. “She has six children and has maintained her waist size, amazingly. He runs the bookshop still. And now there’s a little knitting annex to the bookshop that she runs.”

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