Joy Behar Claims Her Feet Have “Created Foot Fetishists” While Talking About “Kinks” On ‘The View’: “I Feel That I’m Responsible”

Joy Behar could have a booming side hustle if she ever decided to sell feet pics. On this morning’s episode of The View, the longtime co-host turned heads when she bragged about her “beautiful” feet during an NSFW conversation about “fetishes” and “kinks.”

The steamy advice segment was sparked by a man whose wife banned him from massaging her feet after he admitted to having a foot fetish — a concept Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin couldn’t understand.

“I wish my husband had a foot fetish and wanted to give me foot rubs. It seems like a great problem to have,” Griffin said, before Hostin echoed, “Isn’t it great that he has a foot fetish? Because if you love foot massages and you happen to be married to a guy with a foot fetish that wants to give massages, it’s like the perfect marriage.”

Griffin added that you “have to entertain your partner’s kink within reason,” prompting Whoopi Goldberg to momentarily leave her seat.

While the panel was waiting for her return, Behar joked that she couldn’t comment on the subject because of what Griffin called her “beautiful” feet.

“Not to brag, but my feet have created foot fetishists out there,” Behar admitted. “So I can’t really respond to this. I feel that I’m responsible for a lot of foot fetishes.”

Hostin then confirmed the comedian’s perfect feet to be “true,” while Sara Haines described them as “very elegant.”

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Once Goldberg finally made it back to the Hot Topics table, Behar asked why she had gotten up in the first place.

“I was so enamored by what you were saying that I felt that I needed to take a breath so I could just get myself together so I could come back to the table,” she sarcastically responded. “So I just got up and walked away and just got myself together.”

Behar then quipped, “See, this is what my feet do to people,” before Goldberg ripped into the segment.

“This is what this conversation does to people. It makes them get up and move,” Goldberg fired back. “I don’t care. Because my feet are huge and no one wants to touch them.”

The View airs on weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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