JoJo Siwa Details How Social Media Impacted Her Coming Out Journey

But along with her online community, JoJo also credited some influential members of the LGBTQ+ community for inspiring her long the way, including Elton John, who she works closely with to raise money for The Rocket Fund, a campaign through his AIDS Foundation.

Also on the list: “superstar ally” Lady Gaga, she continued, “Miley Cyrus is a freaking icon till the day I die. Freddie Mercury has taught me a lot. Freddie Mercury has gotten me through a lot of my insecurities. And he’s not even alive here. He’s fixed my brain.”

And having gleaned so much inspiration from them, she now has her own advice for others in the LGBTQ+ community.

“Be yourself,” she urged. “You have to know that you’re always changing. You’re always growing. You’re always evolving. Never, ever put yourself in a box. And never ever limit yourself.”

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