Joe Schoen on alleged buyer’s remorse over Daniel Jones: ‘Not true’

In early March, Rich Eisen stirred the pot by sharing some rumors that had been whispered in his ear suggesting the New York Giants and general manager Joe Schoen had buyer’s remorse after giving quarterback Daniel Jones a long-term contract.

“The Giants are absolutely done with Daniel Jones,” Eisen said on The Rich Eisen Show. “Done. Might have to play him this year but that ain’t it. . . The words I heard at the Combine multiple times were ‘buyer’s remorse.’”

Eisen later cautioned that he could be “way off” on what he was hearing.

“I may be way off and this may be patently unfair,” he added.

On Thursday during his pre-draft press conference, Schoen agreed that Eisen was way off and that his shared rumor was patently false.

“I’m still confident in Daniel — the way he’s wired (and) what he showed in 2022,” Schoen told reporters. “There’s stuff out there all the time that’s not true and you really can’t let it bother you.

“I’ve got a good relationship with Daniel and we communicate all the time. Again, he’s here all the time. . . We’ve got a good relationship and we communicate well. If he has an issue or he hears something or (there’s) something that I need to talk to him about, we do that often.”

Asked point-blank to rebuff the Eisen “report,” Schoen spelled it out bluntly.

“That was not true,” he said.

Schoen also admitted that he’s under no pressure to select a quarterback in the 2024 NFL draft, whether in the first round or later down the line. After signing veteran Drew Lock in free agency to back up Jones, Schoen said he’d be confident going into the regular season with the quarterback room that’s already been established within the building.

“I think with Drew’s experience. . .  with Daniel’s experience and what Tommy (DeVito) did last year,” Schoen said, “I think we could go into the season with the three that we have and I’d be comfortable with that.”

Schoen’s expectations remain that Jones will return in time for training camp and start under center come Week 1.

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