Jeremy Renner Reunites With Hospital Staff Who Saved His Life

And as he continues on his road to recovery, the actor is slowly getting back on his feet. Earlier this month, with the help of a cane and a motorized scooter, he joined his family on a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. On April 11, he returned to the red carpet to attend the premiere of his Disney+ series Rennervations. Accompanying him was his daughter, Ava, 10, who he credits with giving him the most strength to recover.

“My daughter, for sure, [is] number one,” Renner told E! News exclusively. “And then my family, and then my will.”

He continued, “It’s like, well, if I was going to go, I guess, it’s one or the other. There’s no alternative to like, ‘Alright, I’m going to be living so, let’s go really live and get it done.’ So there’s no alterative. I have to kind of do something.”

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