Jason Momoa’s Approach to His Aquaman 2 Diet Will Surprise You

Want a deep dive into Jason Momoa‘s approach to his diet for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom?

Well, he just kept things simple for the sequel.

“I don’t do calories,” Jason told E! News’ Francesca Amiker in an exclusive interview. “I just eat.” 

As for what he eats? “Everything,” the actor noted. “Because you’re burning so many calories, I just eat and consume. I’m constantly moving and work long days.” 

As he put it, “I just shovel it in, and then work hard. Work hard, eat hard, play hard, just do it.”

And while Jason and his muscles certainly make a splash in the film, he doesn’t change how he eats solely to get a specific look.

“I don’t really do it for vanity,” the 44-year-old continued. “It’s more so I don’t get hurt. You’ve got to be prepared. You’re putting on a suit that’s going to weigh 40 pounds. You’ve got to be able to move. That kind of action just puts a lot of weight on your knees. So, you just do it so you don’t get hurt.”

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