Jarred Vanderbilt believes everyone around the Jazz besides players and coaches were surprised at hot start

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Jarred Vanderbilt loved his short time playing for the Utah Jazz and head coach Will Hardy in 2022-23.

(via Run Your Race):

“I ain’t gon’ lie, we was nice, because the way we played, the system. Shout-out to Will [Hardy], the coach. He had a great system for us. Real good dude. It was a four out, one in type of system, or five out at some point. Everybody could shoot, pass, dribble, drive, whatever. So it was just so hard to guard. We was really just the underdog, nobody expected us to do nothing. So we came out, I think we was 8-2 or some s***. We just played hard, played fast, and just shot the s*** out of the ball. We beat Denver, we beat Minnesota, I think the Pelicans. So our first five games, we had beat all playoff teams at the time. We was running at dudes at the beginning of the season, and then Mike [Conley Jr.] went down for a little bit, and that’s when we kinda trickled down. But I don’t think they was even expecting us to come out like we did. They was like, ‘Slow down now. We ain’t trying to do all that.’”

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