Jamie Foxx Reacts to Daughter Corinne’s Engagement to Joe Hooten

It’ll be the perfect occasion for the DJ to play a love song.

After Corinne Foxx announced her engagement to Joe Hooten Dec. 17, her dad Jamie Foxx shared a sweet shoutout to the couple on their next chapter together.

“You are a perfect example of what being in love is,” the Oscar winner wrote alongside their engagement pics shared to Instagram Dec. 18. “You care about each other’s life mental and physical… and you have each other’s back.”

As the 56-year-old explained, he was overjoyed when his future son-in-law clued him in on the proposal.

“When you whispered to me a while back that you were gonna ask my baby girl to marry you,” the actor, who shares Corinne with ex Connie Kline, continued. “I had tears of joy in my soul… and @corinnefoxx you have… and have always had a special place in my heart… you deserve love abundantly…so again congratulations you too… can’t wait to walk you down that aisle.”

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