“It’s Still Pride” Is a Great Excuse to Shop for These Rainbow Things

“It’s Still Pride” Is a Great Excuse to Shop for These Rainbow Things

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June 30 marks the end of Pride Month in the United States, but certainly not the end of pride as a concept. Not by a long shot. Pride is something to be honored, celebrated, and shopped for all year.

Did I say shopped for? I did. I did say that. After all, I’m a shopping writer, so that’s what I do: I help find the best things for you to buy. And better still? Reasons to buy them.

If you know me at all, you know I can’t resist a good impulse purchase. I’ll find any holiday on the calendar to round up a list of must-have yoga stuff, self-care essentials, pricey candles, and pretty much anything else it’s always nice to have an excuse to shop for.

Fortunately, this one is baked right in to the entire month of June. The designated “official” Pride parades might be behind us, but a lifetime of pride-centric events are ahead of us. So what I’m hearing is a delightful excuse to buy all kinds of rainbow-themed items.

Fingerless gloves. Knee-high socks. Holiday ornaments. Pajamas. If you like it, I found one with a rainbow on it. And Pride is the perfect reason to add it all to your collection.

Scroll on and get to shopping before June ends for real and you’ll need to come up with an excuse on your own.

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