Inside Jeff Bezos’ Mysterious Private World

Over the years, they acquired a real estate portfolio that included a gated 5.3-acre compound in the Seattle suburb of Medina reachable via the longest floating bridge in the world; the South Texas ranch where Bezos used to spend summers with his grandparents, near where his aeronautics and space-exploration company Blue Origin is also based; a $24 million home in Beverly Hills; four condos in a building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side; and a residence in Washington D.C. that broke a record for Beltway home prices when Bezos bought the former Textile Museum in 2016 for $23 million.

They also share three sons and a daughter. They are understandably incredibly private when it comes to their kids, but Bezos shared some parenting insight at the Summit LA 17 event while being interviewed by his brother, Mark. 

“How do you help your children, what’s the right thing?” he mused. “My wife has a great saying—we let our kids use, even now they’re 17 through 12, but even when they were 4, we would let them use sharp knives. By the time they were, I don’t know, maybe 7 or 8, we would let them use certain power tools and my wife, much to her credit, she has this great saying, ‘I would much rather have a kid with 9 fingers than a resourceless kid.’ Which, I just think, is a fantastic attitude about life.”

Scott also wrote two novels, 2005’s The Testing of Luther Albright and 2013’s Traps. “Jeff is my best reader,” she said, noting that Bezos would block out a big chunk of time and read a manuscript in one sitting, writing her detailed notes.

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