Immanuel Quickley: “I always try to bring energy”

Photo: New York Knicks/Twitter

Immanuel Quickley brought his A-game, showcasing his skills on the court, even in the face of defeat.

Just two days after contract extension negotiations fell through, the dynamic guard delivered an impressive performance, scoring 24 points in a mere 28 minutes.

In Wednesday’s season-opening loss to the Celtics, Quickley stood out as the Knicks’ most potent offensive force.

With a 7-for-11 shooting record, he spearheaded a second-half comeback, compensating for the subpar performances of starters Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle, who struggled with a combined 11-for-43 shooting.

“I always try to bring energy,” Quickley said. “Try to add something to the game, add something to the team. Most of the time I’m just having fun. Any time I get to come out here and share a gift from God.

“Share it with other people. Just try to inspire others. And have fun. Also just trying to send a message, try to get us going, things like that.”

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