How Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner Influence Jonas Brothers’ Music

What do the Jonas Brothers gotta do to make a hit song? Listen to their wives.

At least, that’s what Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas all thought at a FlyOver listening party for their sixth studio album—aptly titled The Album—in Las Vegas on Feb. 18. Speaking exclusively to E! News chief correspondent Keltie Knight, the trio shared how Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner often play a part in their band decisions.

“I think all of us definitely share our music with our other halves,” Nick said. “They’re all better music critics than we are, especially for our own stuff, and have a good sense of what will work.”

Case in point? Nick noted, “The last time around on Happiness Begins, I think all of our wives collectively said ‘Sucker’ is the hit.”

Though the brothers initially believed that another song from the 2019 album would make for a better lead single, they ultimately went with “Sucker” on the advice of their wives.

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