Here’s How Hilarie Burton Finally Convinced Her Kids That She’s Cool

And should her kids need some reminding, she plans to hit them with it one more time. “I’ve got it bookmarked on my phone now,” said Hilarie. “Anytime she’s being spicy, I’m like, ‘You want to see Mommy with Britney?'”

Though, when it comes to her youngest, Hilarie wanted to give her more than just a fun anecdote to share with friends. 

“I think becoming a girl mom was a transformative thing for me,” she shared of the inspiration behind her latest bookGrimoire Girl. “There’s a birthright that boys get that is kind of normalized in our culture. But for my daughter, we’d gone through the Me Too movement, we’ve gone through lots of changes in our culture, we’ve gone through national dialogues about what it means to be a woman in the workplace. And I wanted her to have a really sound sense of self, so that I could send her off into the world.”

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