Heidi Klum’s Daughter Leni Embraces Her Acne With Makeup-Free Selfie

Leni Klum is sharing a close-up of her natural beauty.

The model recently snapped a makeup-free selfie on Instagram Stories that showcased her acne breakouts on her cheeks, nose and forehead. The daughter of Heidi Klum‘s and Seal posed with her side profile to display her skin in its natural state.

And although the 19-year-old didn’t offer additional insight into her Feb. 5 post, she has been open about her experience with blemishes and flare ups.

“I feel like there is a thought behind having acne that you’re not beautiful with it or it makes you look not as good as you could look,” she told People in an interview published Oct. 27. “Then I realized, ‘Oh my God, this is normal.'”

As she put it, “Everyone goes through it.”

Leni explained she’s since learned to embrace her pimples.

“It’s not bad if you have it,” she continued. “It’s something that anyone can get and it’s not your fault and it’s hormonal.”

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