Hailey Bieber’s Photo of Justin Bieber in Bed Is Sweeter Than Peaches

Justin Bieber is in good company.

After all, the “Yummy” singer was wrapped up with one of his dogs in a candid photo shared by Hailey Bieber on April 3.

As pictured in the model’s Instagram Story, Justin laid in bed shirtless while cradling a small white pup in his arms. Both the 30-year-old—who is dog dad to two Maltese Yorkies named Oscar and Piggy Lou—and his furry friend appeared to be asleep.

And if that didn’t make you smile, Hailey posted another snapshot of their dog sitting on a green lawn, looking outward into the sunlight.

The posts came a month after the Rhode founder shut down speculation that her marriage was on the rocks. While celebrating her husband’s 30th birthday on March 1, Hailey wrote on Instagram, “Words could never truly describe the beauty of who you are.”

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