Grey Ruegamer prank once forced Rich Seubert to sell his truck

Many New York Giants fans may not remember offensive lineman/long snapper Gray Ruegamer, but he was an integral part of the team during their first Super Bowl run under head coach Tom Coughlin back in 2007.

Ruegamer was also known for his penchant for pulling pranks on his teammates.

“He’s a big stall guy,” said guard Chris Snee. “If you’re going to the bathroom, he likes to throw a wet towel over the stall or other silly stuff like that. But one thing about Grey is that he’s a lot of fun in tense situation. He’s the guy who will crack a joke to make you laugh when you need it most.”

One of his best was on guard Rich Seubert, who was no slouch himself when it came to pranks.

“You see a lot of dead seagulls outside Giants Stadium, most of them because they were hit by cars,” Seubert said. “One day, Grey put one of those dead seagulls in the back of my truck and covered it up with water bottles. A few weeks later, I start cleaning out the back and I see this big white thing. It was a seagull and it was as big as a few bowling balls and it stunk like you wouldn’t believe.”

Seubert said he didn’t even consider revenge on Ruegamer as it would likely be futile.

“I don’t even bother to try getting him back. He’s got too much time on his hands to (be) messing around with.”

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