Gray Hair? Do a Root Touch-Up at Home With These Must-Haves

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Gray hair is natural, beautiful, and so normal. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to rock it. If you have gray roots growing in and don’t have time for a salon visit, our selection of root touch-up spray and powder can help cover gray hair in a snap.

These temporary root touch-up solutions come in a wide range of colors, application types, and price points. These powder and spray options can provide great coverage and leave your hair looking like you just left a salon appointment.

They can help with touching up the incoming gray roots of your natural hair, touching up stubborn gray roots peeking through permanent color, and dealing with a bunch of regrowth that weaves together gray and your natural color.

Hair dyes can be expensive and can take a long time to apply. These gray hair touch-up essentials and root concealer options deliver hugely on hair color in just seconds. Yes, you totally can wait a little bit longer for your next salon appointment. These root touch-up options have got you (and your silver strands) covered.

Check out our selection of root touch-up options below.


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