Go Under the Sea With These Secrets From the OG Little Mermaid

Can you believe it’s been nearly 35 years since Disney took us all under the sea

Yes, the original The Little Mermaid was released on Nov. 13, 1989, making the animated take on the 1837 story the studio’s first film based on a fairy tale to come out since 1959’s Sleeping Beauty

Directed by Ron Clement and John Musker and music by the legendary Hans Christian Andersen and Howard Ashman, the tale of Ariel (voiced by Jodi Benson) revitalized Disney, earning over $230 million, winning two Oscars and kicking off a long string of animated hits for the studio. 

And now, we’re getting more whosits and whatsits galore with the live-action film (out now), starring Halle Bailey, Melissa McCarthy, Javier Bardem, Daveed DiggsJonah Hauer-KingJacob TremblayAwkwafina and more.

“I truly feel that being Ariel helped me identify who I am on my own,” Halle previously told E! News, noting she sobbed after seeing the first cut. “I’ve never seen myself on a big screen like this. So no. 1, it’s weird to watch yourself. But then you’re also like, ‘Who is this girl, who’s a mermaid, who’s doing a great job—like, I did this?'”

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