Giants’ Wink Martindale sees Josh Allen as mix of these 3 sports greats

The New York Giants will have their hands full with the Buffalo Bills offensive this Sunday night, primarily quarterback Josh Allen, who is once again putting up impressive numbers this season.

Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale was asked on Thursday who he compared Allen to.

“Alright, you ready?” he asked. “(Quarterback Dan) Marino’s arm, (running back Derrick) Henry’s legs, and Steph Curry’s mindset. He thinks he can hit it anywhere on the court, and that’s the same way Josh is. He’s just an unbelievably elite quarterback in finding extra time to hit the open receiver in tight windows, and he’s got one of the strongest arms in the league.”

Allen is well-known in fantasy circles. He’s currently leading all quarterbacks in fantasy points. He has 14 total touchdowns (11 passing, three rushing) has 1,401 passing yards, and leads the NFL in completion percentage (73.1 percent).

One of the things that makes Allen even more dynamic and dangerous is his connection with star receiver Stefon Diggs, who is tied for the league lead with five touchdown receptions.

Martindale had a glowing review of him as well.

“He’s like those guys that sell a lot of jerseys. I mean, you can talk about all of them, as far as the guys who want the ball in game-winning situations, and he’s one of those guys,” Martindale said. “He makes a lot of plays, has great hands, runs routes, sometimes runs his own routes.

“I’ve talked to the defense about plaster coverage because the combination of those two with Josh and Diggs, I mean, it turns into, like, when you’re growing up playing football at recess. The play breaks down and you’ve got to defend the second play, the third play, and like I said, Josh is elite at avoiding the rush, buying time, and he can put the ball wherever he wants.”

The Giants are 14-point underdogs in this game and have an injury report that has spilled over to a second page. Not the week to get into a shootout.

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