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Gary Neville has blasted Manchester United’s performance against Brentford, labelling it as “horrible”.

The Red Devils looked like lower-division underdogs against the Bees on Saturday evening as their goal was peppered with 31 shots and a cricket-score defeat was only avoided by a combination of Andre Onana’s brilliance, the woodwork and profligate finishing by Thomas Frank’s men.

It even looked as if United would come away with all three points when Mason Mount scored a smash-and-grab goal deep into injury time.

But seconds after play resumed, the pitiful defence’s luck finally ran out and Brentford equalised after another shambolic lapse of concentration.

Speaking on Sky Sports the following day (via The Daily Mail), former United skipper Neville said he was shocked by what he had seen at the Gtech Community stadium.

“I … couldn’t believe really what I was watching,” Neville said.

“I thought [United] would put a bit of pressure on Tottenham and Villa [to try to qualify for Champions League places]. It’s actually really difficult to play that badly.

“I can’t think of any point in that game, maybe the first few minutes, where they did anything well at all.

“It was a horrible performance to the point where when Mason Mount scored, I think we may have had to start a petition to give Brentford two points back.

“It was absolute robbery… I can’t explain that performance, I’ve no idea where it comes from. Very worrying that you can go to that level of low.”

Neville compared United to Arsenal, who had just secured a 0-0 draw against Manchester City at the Etihad, saying that the Red Devils completely lacked the work ethic that the Gunners displayed.

“That was a dismal, dismal effort in an attempt to play football, in an attempt to work as hard as you possibly can. When you give the ball away, their reaction is non-existent. They really are one of the worst teams out of possession,” he said.

He blasted the United side for having no “unity”. “There’s no idea of how to defend or how to play without the ball,” Neville raged.

The pundit would not find many United fans disagreeing with his words. On the back of a famous victory against Liverpool, the mindset of the starting XI on Saturday was almost impossible to understand.

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