Fred VanVleet: Rockets will continue to challenge Alperen Sengun defensively

Photo: Houston Rockets/X

Houston Rockets point guard Fred VanVleet spoke about Alperen Sengun’s versatile defense following Wednesday’s 110-101 home win vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder.

(via Locked On Rockets):

Reporter: “On the defensive end, what does it say about Alpy’s growth to have a defensive game plan where he’s guarding the opposing point guard and have it work the way that it did tonight?”

VanVleet: “I think it just expands kind of what you can do defensively to be able to trust him to be able to do that. It kind of changed our defensive approach. It helped us a lot, it kind of eliminated a lot of things that they like to do. He’s capable, he’s more than capable. So we’re going to continue to challenge him, and he’s been stepping up to the plate.”

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