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Former manager Ian Holloway has launched a scathing attack on Manchester United’s squad.

Speaking to talkSPORT, the Englishman claimed that the United squad is made up of “a whole array of wrong’uns”.

The former Blackpool manager was speaking after Manchester United were made to work harder than they would have wanted against fourth tier Newport in the FA Cup.

The 60 year old coach took a swipe at the club’s recent recruitment and believes that the Old Trafford side have brought in too many bad characters as of late.

According to the man who last managed Grimsby Town in 2020, this is the reason behind the team’s erratic performances and results.

Speaking of the squad he claimed, “they might have some skill, but there’s not the will. What I can’t stand about them is there’s no encouragement of each other.

“The most derogatory thing you can do is shrug your shoulders and lift your arms in the air. You’re more or less telling the crowd, ‘What’s the matter with you?,’ when you don’t get what you want”.

Holloway then drew a parallel between this current side and the United of old under Sir Alex Ferguson and found little to compare favourably.

“And for me, Man United were driven by a man who was obsessed with, ‘the club’s bigger than you’. What Sir Alex thinks about these people now I really don’t know”.

“It’s an attitude problem, and Man United have never had that, when did Sir Alex ever sign a bad attitude player? A player with the wrong attitude? And if he didn’t like their attitude, he would get rid of them. At the minute, the whole dressing room is full of them”.

The British manager squarely placed the blame on recruitment decision makers and was perplexed how the club could get it wrong over and over again.

“I just don’t understand what is going on, the recruitment. They’ve got the wrong set of characters, someone has got to look at who is signing all these players, because they are not wearing that shirt with the pride that they should.”

The former Bristol Rovers player then claimed that David Moyes should have been given more time as he was Alex Ferguson’s choice and hardly brought any bad characters in.

The manager also accused the United squad of “over-celebrating” their goals against Newport.

“It’s a little bit of a mess at the minute, yes they did win today, but over-celebrating four goals against Newport, wow, what was that?”.

Finally, the pundit took a predictable swipe at Bruno Fernandes and his captaincy. Despite another goal, the Portuguese was criticised for his role in the game, as is becoming a trend amongst British pundits.

“Bruno Fernandes out on that pitch, he should be leading Manchester United when it’s not going well, but he doesn’t”.

The Old Trafford side will have a chance to prove Holloway wrong on Thursday night against Wolves in a crucial Premier League tie as the club aims to ascend the league table towards the European spots.

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