Experience the Honda Prologue Electric Dash, Created in Fortnite!

Welcome to the Hondaverse! Honda has spent the past year and a half creating a branded virtual universe for Fortnite players utilizing Fortnite’s Creative Mode. The Hondaverse originally launched in June 2022 with the Honda HR-V Parkour Map. Now, it features multiple maps inspired by Honda products that offer unique worlds for everyone to explore – from rookies to Battle Bus veterans.

In addition to the HR-V Parkour Map, the Hondaverse features the Honda Hub – the centerpiece to the Hondaverse; the Pilot TrailSport: Treehouse Tycoon – where you’ll focus on upgrading your canopy crashpad; the rugged and tricky CR-V Labyrinth – where you’ll race through 5 unique biomes; and the all-new Prologue Electric Dash – where players compete in a race by rail-sliding, flying, and platforming their way through a SolarPunk world.

Each map introduces custom gameplay opportunities and a litany of new experiences for Fortnite players. Epic Games did not develop the Hondaverse themselves; rather, it was independently developed using Fortnite’s creative tools, showcasing the possibilities of the Creative Mode sandbox.

A Team Effort

Honda collaborated with Twitch and expert map architects Beyond Creative to bring the Hondaverse to life. Popular streamers like SypherPK, iitzTimmy, Sommerset, and NickEh30 have explored, competed, and creatively contributed to the various Hondaverse maps. For the first livestream of each map, the streamers hosted Beyond Creative and took suggestions from the Twitch community to add custom elements to the maps in real time. Their combined expertise ensures that each Hondaverse map is worth a visit for even the most seasoned Victory Royale champions.

Additionally, in the summer of 2023, the Honda Adventure Invitational was organized. Streamers SypherPK, Alixxa, Maddynf, and SanchoWest competed in all four Hondaverse maps alongside their fans.

A Dash to the Finish Line

Our IGN team spent time exploring NickEh30’s Prologue Electric Dash map and encourage you to experience it for yourself or with your squad by using the Fortnite map code 1468-3259-1933.

Here’s an overview of the Prologue Electric Dash map:

The map opens with an elaborate cutscene that introduces us to the brand-new Honda Prologue, and allows us to customize the car’s color before jumping onto a rail-grinding racing course.

Honda Prologue Electric Dash

Once the race started, the first thing we noticed was the futuristic, electrified world that integrates modern aesthetics with a variety of natural elements. Along the way, we encountered some hazards that forced us to jump to a neighboring rail (there are three total paths), hop over various obstacles, and use wind tunnels to glide across gaps in the rails. We also encountered paths that led in the wrong direction, respawning us back to an earlier checkpoint.

Honda Prologue Electric Dash
Honda Prologue Electric Dash

During the course, several pit stops presented challenges in the form of sustainable energy mini-games that upgraded and charged our Honda Prologue. A “Current Time” counter on the bottom left of the HUD helped us keep track of every missed jump and how much time we were racking up. To bring that counter down, we were always on the lookout for the time-saving shortcuts that are hidden throughout the map. Once we crossed the finish line, we were shown to a light-up drone show to celebrate our well-earned victory.

Honda Prologue Electric Dash
Honda Prologue Electric Dash

The race against the clock left us itching to start over and beat our previous record.

Honda Prologue Electric Dash
Honda Prologue Electric Dash

The Hondaverse is a unique and exciting addition to Fortnite’s world. The collaboration between Twitch, map architects Beyond Creative, and veteran streamers means it’s been battle-tested and is worth checking out for anyone who enjoys Fortnite.

Explore even more Hondaverse maps by searching for “Honda” on the Fortnite Discover Page.

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