Everything to Know About the Vampire Breast Lift

What are the pros of the vampire breast lift?

One of the biggest perks, Dr. Koo noted, is that you’re using your own tissues such as fat and your own plasma to enhance the chest area.

Additionally, Dr. Cohen says many of his patients have noticed breast volume, as well as softening of their stretch marks and dimples. “It stimulates more sensitivity in the nipple area,” he explained. “It’s a great procedure for those that are not ready for breast implants or a lift, but they want to get back some of the youthfulness and perkiness.”

However, it’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to the results. While the vampire breast lift does add fullness, don’t expect to see drastic changes. “You’ll get some volume,” Dr. Cohen said, “but it’s not going to be the same as going two cup sizes.”

What are the downsides of the vampire breast lift?

Not to be deflating, but there are several cons to this procedure. For one, breast size matters.

“If you have larger breasts and they’re drooping way down there, this is not the procedure for you,” Dr. Cohen said. “You’d need to have it surgically repaired and bring that ligament up. For smaller-chested women, it’s better because it’s going to look a lot bigger.”

Appearances aside, Dr. Koo gave insight into other potential risks with the treatment. 

“The complications are not well-studied, as this is an off-label application of PRP,” she explained. “The longevity and efficacy of this procedure for improving stretch marks or thinning skin are not known or proven. PRP is extremely effective for healing degenerative tendon issues—plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow—degenerative arthritis conditions and wound healing created by dermabrasion or deep skin penning in the face.”

She also noted the possible side effects that could arise from injecting the breast tissue, adding, “As a plastic surgeon, I worry for the breast changes that potentially can occur for future mammograms.”

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