Eva Longoria Reveals Her Unexpected Pre-Oscars Meal

Eva Longoria Reveals Her Unexpected Pre-Oscars Meal

Eva Longoria was well fed before, but possibly suffering from bad breath at the 2024 Oscars.

The Flamin’ Hot director attended the March 10 ceremony to celebrate the film’s Best Original Song nomination, but before she hit the red carpet Eva shared her very interesting pre-show snack.

“People always ask me what I eat the day before the Oscars—not the day before, the day of. Right before the Oscars—and this is,” she shared in her TikTok Story, showing off a giant plate of chips. “I thought these were sweet potatoes. They’re not, they’re just potato chips.”

But she was not snacking on the potato chips alone as they also came with “some kind of onion, chivy dip” and salmon roe, with Eva joking, “I’m not gonna be able to talk to anybody, cause I’m gonna have the breathe.” Her hairstylist Ken Paves added, “That’s why you do it.”

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