Erik Spoelstra praises Kyle Lowry: He’ll throw himself in harm’s way for a win

Photo: NBA History/X

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra loved seeing Kyle Lowry step up and take a charge on LeBron James late in the fourth quarter of Monday’s 108-107 home win vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.

(via Bally Sports Sun):

“That’s the thing you love about Kyle, he’ll throw himself in harm’s way for a win. He’s done that over the course of his entire career. He’s fearless, he’s tough, and he makes winning plays. With him at this stage, it’s not about how many points he can score, assists, or anything like that; we love him when he’s aggressive and getting into the paint. But when it becomes those kinds of moments, he’ll figure out how to make a winning play. That was a big turnaround right there, the way LeBron was going any time he had kind of a numbers advantage…he’s doing some stuff that nobody at his age has been doing before in this league.”

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