Erik Spoelstra: Orlando Robinson makes you absolutely respect his fortitude and grit

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Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra discussed the competitiveness/impactful play of big man Orlando Robinson after last night’s 112-103 road win vs. the Toronto Raptors (15 points/12 rebounds/4 assists/3 steals/1 block/5-9 FG/2-3 3-PT/3-3 FT/+27 +/-).

(via Bally Sports Sun):

“He makes you absolutely respect his fortitude and his grit. He is relentless with his work, with his approach, with his commitment to earn trust from everybody, and he does it with a competitive spirit. He gets better each month, and you saw that tonight, he had a lot of big plays: the rebounding down the stretch, his defensive detail work was really good. He goes to school on everything. If he makes a mistake in any kind of game, he gets to work with film with Malik [Allen], and then he wants to drill it 10,000 times, which is what we love. And then obviously, he had some big baskets down the stretch as well.”

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