Enchanted Rare Beast Pounces Into Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn

While Disney Lorcana has several different kind of card rarities, there is one that is a cut above the rest: Enchanted rares. These full-art holographic cards see the character rendered in striking new artwork that fills the entire card. There are only twelve Enchanted rares per set, two of each ink color, and as you’d expect they are incredibly rare, often going for hundreds of dollars on the secondary market. IGN is excited to offer your exclusive first look at the Enchanted rare for Beast – Relentless from the upcoming set, Rise of the Floodborn.

IGN exclusive first look. Image courtesy of Ravensburger.

This version of Beast is incredibly powerful. Thanks to its Second Wind ability, you can use it to attack and/or quest multiple times in one turn. With two Lore pips, Beast can easily rack up a ton of Lore by questing, playing a damaging card such as Fire the Canons, then questing again. If you have another way to cause damage, perhaps with Tinkerbell – Giant Fairy, then you can quest again in the same turn. Most cards that are able to ready a character are restricted from questing multiple times, but Beast is free to quest multiple times, making it a truly dangerous card that can end the game by scoring four or six Lore in a flash. This Beast truly is relentless!

For more on the upcoming Lorcana set, due out November 17 in hobby shops and December 1 in mass market retail stores, check out our reveal of some juicy new Lorcana story details and read our impressions after playing some games of Lorcana.

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