Dwayne Johnson’s Wax Figure Gets an Update After Museum’s “Mistake”

The Grévin Museum has officially followed through with their game plan.

Days after the Parisian institution debuted a wax figure of Dwayne Johnson that was criticized over its lighter appearance, including from the Game Plan star himself, the organization has officially updated his statue to include the “important details” he noted were missing.

“A week ago, we unveiled the Dwayne Johnson waxwork and we got a surprise when we put him under the lights,” Yves Delhommeau, the museum’s managing director, said in an Oct. 25 Instagram video. “His skin tone seemed too pale. And suddenly we realized, we might have got it wrong.”

Referring to the “widespread attention” his initial replica received on social media, the director explained the team went back to work on “this amazing waxwork, so that it better represents him.”

In case you haven’t had a chance to do a double take, Dwayne previously weighed in on the statue aimed to be his likeness after its unveiling, addressing the chatter head-on.

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