Draymond Green says foul calls in Game 3 were ‘frustrating’

The Warriors suffered a big loss against the Lakers in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals (97-127). In this game Los Angeles had 20 more free-throw attempts than Golden State (37 vs. 17).

Draymond Green was asked about the free-throw disparity between the two teams and the foul calls that his team was getting.

“The game stopped. We on the free-throw line every time,” the four-time NBA champion said when asked what happened in the second quarter which the Dubs lost 18-36 after winning the first one 30-23.

Green was then asked if he was satisfied with the way that the referees called the game. “It is what it is. Game over now. Don’t matter if I’m satisfied or… don’t matter,” he said.

Having the game getting stopped due to fouls is “frustrating” the Warriors forward added. In terms of personal fouls, Golden State had 22 against 21 of the Purple and Gold.

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