Draymond Green expresses support for Bob Myers amid contract cncertainty

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The future of Warriors general manager Bob Myers with the franchise remains uncertain, and Draymond Green has voiced his disappointment at the potential split. Myers and the Warriors have not engaged in substantial contract extension talks for months, leading to speculation that Myers could leave the Bay Area.

During an episode of his podcast, Green reacted to the news, expressing his support for Myers and their long-standing relationship. Green emphasized the importance of their shared journey over the past 11 years and their collective pursuit of championships. He stated, “That sucks because, again, as I told you, Bob is one of the guys that I’m rolling with. That I’ve been on this journey with for 11 years.”

Green further highlighted the significance of the bond he has formed with Myers, regardless of the outcome. Regardless of whether Myers remains with the Warriors or moves on, Green believes their relationship will endure beyond basketball. He expressed his hope that Myers and himself would be back with the team next year.

Myers, who played a pivotal role in constructing the Warriors’ dynasty, has received interest from other lucrative positions within the sports industry, including private equity funds and media roles. The uncertainty surrounding his contract stems from the Warriors already having the highest payroll in the league, creating challenges in negotiating an extension.

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