Dillon Brooks ready to face LeBron James: “I’m ready to lock him up”

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The upcoming Lakers vs. Rockets game holds a compelling storyline as Dillon Brooks prepares to face LeBron James.

In the previous playoffs, Brooks engaged in some heated exchanges with the four-time NBA champion, setting the stage for their upcoming matchup.

Now with the Rockets, Brooks embraces the challenge of guarding the 38-year-old James, vowing to make him work for every point.

“I’m ready to lock him up. He’s been shooting the ball well, playing well, so I’m just there to make him tired, make him get into that 4th quarter early,” Brooks said, via ClutchPoints.

James enters the game averaging 25.3 points, 8.4 rebounds and 5.9 assists in 35.9 minutes per game.

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