Diablo 4 Has Dropped to Just $20 at Walmart

Diablo 4 is now available on Xbox Game Pass, but there’s some good news for those who have yet to play the game but want to own a physical copy. Diablo 4 is down to just $20 at Walmart right now (see here), which is a huge saving for a critically acclaimed game that only came out last year and a discount we’re unlikely to see again for a while. Also, it’s worth noting that this price could be based on your location, so fair warning as YMMV!

Limited Time Deal

Diablo IV

While stock lasts, purchase ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Diablo 4 launched with a $69.99 MSRP, so a $50 reduction is pretty substantial, and well worth considering if you want to own the game to play whenever you want. Even when the Prime Day sales eventually roll back around this summer, we’d be increasingly surprised if the deal comes anywhere close to this. Your only barrier to entry now — stock levels. This is such a good deal, that it’s highly likely to sell out fast.

The only other issue we can identify is Walmart only offers free delivery for baskets of $35 or more. But, we can assist there as well. If you sign up for a Walmart+ account with a 30-day free trial, you can get free fast delivery (alongside a slew of other benefits right now like three months of YouTube Premium for free). Otherwise, you can also check to see if your local store has stock, and pick it up from there instead.

In our review of the game, we said: “Diablo 4 is a stunning sequel with near-perfect endgame and progression design that makes it absolutely excruciating to put down. The story is a pretty big disappointment despite still being a noticeable improvement over Diablo 3 and there are some annoying bugs that need squashing, but the combat, the loot game, and both the sights and sounds of this world are impressive enough to smooth over those rough edges.”

“Diablo 4 takes the strategy of refining things the series already did so well rather than giving it a more substantial overhaul, and that careful and reverent path has shaped this massive sequel into one of the most polished ARPGs ever created, which makes slicing through the legions of the damned a hell of a good time.”

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