Derek Fisher weighs in on James Harden’s potential move to Clippers

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Former NBA player and coach Derek Fisher recently shared his insights on the possibility of James Harden joining the Clippers. After requesting a trade from the 76ers, Harden has expressed interest in joining the Clippers, further adding to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming NBA season.

Fisher expressed sensitivity towards coach Ty Lue’s situation, emphasizing the importance of assembling a team of available players to compete and win. Despite acknowledging the undeniable talent of both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Fisher highlighted Harden’s track record of availability, a crucial factor for any team.

“James has been more available than Kawhi and Paul, regardless of how you feel about James’s game,” Fisher commented during an interview with AllClippers. “So to some degree, it may work better, even if when healthy Paul and Kawhi are clearly two of the best players and top 10 players in the league.”

The potential addition of Harden to the Clippers roster raises intriguing questions about team dynamics, playing styles, and strategic choices that Lue and the management will need to consider. The experienced leadership of Lawrence Frank adds to the confidence in the organization’s ability to make prudent decisions.

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